In some situations, such as a system error or hard disk failure, Windows may not boot up properly and require a reinstallation. After reinstalling Windows, you might need to rejoin the computer to the domain.

This tutorial will guide through the process of re-linking the computer to the existing domain account, which is more convenient than manually deleting the existing computer account from the domain controller server.

Step-by-Step Procedure

  1. Rename the PC according to the asset ID: Before rejoining the domain, ensure that the computer name matches the asset ID.


  1. Navigate to System Properties > Computer Name > Network ID....


  1. Choose the network type: Select the option “This computer is part of a business network; I use it to connect to other computers at work” and click Next.


  1. Select the domain option: Choose “My company uses a network with a domain” and click Next.


  1. Click Next to continue.


  1. Provide domain credentials: Enter the required privileged domain account credentials and click Next.


  1. Re-link the existing computer account: If the existing computer account is found in the domain, click Yes to re-link it.


  1. Skip domain user account creation: Select “Do not add a domain user account” and click Next.


  1. Finish and reboot: Click Finish and restart the computer.


  1. Complete the domain rejoining: After logging in again, the computer will have rejoined the domain.



By following the steps, you can conveniently rejoin a domain without having to access the domain controller server to delete the existing computer account.

This method provides an easier way to reconnect your computer to the domain after a system error or hard disk failure.